The perfect Welcome for your AirBnB or Holiday Home Guests.

By Martha Lueders

Whether it is ahola, hola or hello, Airbnb guests all around the world expect some sort of greeting when they lodge at your vacation rental. And especially in the business world, first impressions are everything. Giving a warm welcome to your guests is one of the most important things you can do as a host.

We’ve included a few suggestions on how to greet guests:

  1. Welcome baskets – Who doesn’t like gifts? Guests are always faltered when Airbnb hosts think of small items to enhance their stay. Welcome baskets can also be a lifesaver if visitors happen to not pack a few essentials in their carry-ons.

Bonus tip: Check out what to include in these baskets here. (URL to past article)

  1. Cook dinner for your guests – Guests want to experience the culture and cuisine of the lavish paradise where they are vacationing. Invite guests into your home to experience your country’s comfort food firsthand. This is also a great way to get to know your guests and potentially build a long lasting relationship. If you don’t have time to prepare a meal, invite them over for a brew or a nice cool glass of iced tea to chat.
  2. Tour a nearby landmark together or your own property — Sometimes the view in your backyard is the most coveted view. Make sure to take the time to show your guests around your property. Tell them how you obtained the property and whether it’s been in your family for generations. By telling them facts and about your Airbnb’s hidden quirks, it makes their stay special and memorable. If you have the time, venture to a local landmark together and take them on the local’s tour. Bypass all the tourist jargon and show them that spectacular view off the beaten path.

Bonus tip: Make sure you advertised potential nature walks or shared excursions on your Airbnb listing. Folks love getting firsthand tours from locals!

  1. Plan an activity together – If you find that you and your guests share a common interest – whether it be hiking, kayaking, reading or telling great stories – use that to your advantage. Spend a few hours on a nature hike with them to show them the unique plants that live in the region. If they’re into history, take them to a local museum to delve into your home’s history.
  2. A virtual greeting – If you can’t be present when your guests pull into your vacation home’s driveway, make sure you call and check in with them as soon as they arrive. FaceTime or Skype with them to see how they’ve settled in or call them and express how excited you are to have them stay with you. That personal contact will make them feel more at home.

Meeting your new guests doesn’t have to be a chore, and it shouldn’t feel like one! Sometimes guests are more comfortable venturing by themselves, but always make an effort to make their stay more personal. Who knows? Maybe you’ll make a lifelong friend.

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